Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Vintage Lil' Dude III

At my baby shower last October, a mama-friend gave me a fuzzy Carter's sleep sack. "C. lived in them when he was a baby," she said. She said how nice they were to zip and unzip so quick in the middle of a tired, drowsy nighttime change. I quickly set out to find 6 more so the lil' dude could wear one every night of the week. And although this sleep-sacked little beauty never woke up for those nighttime changes, she stayed all warm and contained in her crib!

This is the green one from my mama-friend. The lil' dude has always looked so good in green. Here she was right before being swaddled back up! Awww, the sweet little swaddle . . . the Dad and I would have contests to see whose baby burrito was better. He won most times.

In ducky yellow. I bought the same one for a prego-mama-friend before her AJ was born . . . in May. She probably doesn't wear it being it's summer and all, but it was fun to send anyways. Made me remember opening the green one. I bet this picture is from a Saturday morning. The lil' dude has been put back to sleep in the early AM right next to our bed. So we could get more sleep, that's right. If I could reach down and hold her fingers while her chair hummed to her, it would take minutes for her to fall asleep. The Beagle's bed is to her right. I bet he hated not having the #1 spot.

In bulldog blue- my mom found this before the lil' dude was born. She still wears blue pajamas. No one cares at our house! This picture was definitely a maternity-leave morning after the Dad left for work. We said from the get-go we would not let the lil' dude sleep in our bed, ever. For it would be too delicious and warm and snuggly a habit to break. Well, there were just a few times I snuck her in . . .

"I Love Hugs" white. Here we are after a breakfast bottle and probably 4 days of not washing my hair. I let most mornings go by without moving much from this position. I was simply taking her all in and remembering to remember.

In pink lambs. Her first and only pink sleep sack. This one arrived the same day Grandma did for that whole week! This picture is from Christmas morning, look at that perfect little smile. She is going to love Christmas just as much as Mama does, I can tell already!

In giraffe polka dots. Look at how big she is, she's even smiling on purpose! That is MY baby blanket I have wrapped around her head. No, she doesn't sleep with it, but I do. Yes, I am serious. No, I don't want to talk about it!

In #7 purple. I loathe the color purple, but this one I found on clearance for a few bucks. We're doing laundry right before I left for Vegas for work for 5 days. "You're leaving me with DAD? And the Beagle?"

Until two weeks ago, all seven of these sleep sacks were still tucked in the lil' dude's pj drawer. I told the Dad I just couldn't pack them away yet. He asked why those were so much more special than the rest of her mini-duds. I couldn't explain it and still can't. To me, they embody my winter baby girl and all our lazy memories. She wore her sleep sacks until mid-April, over four months. Putting her in her first pair of big-girl pajamas was a bittersweet night. For me anyways.

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