Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vintage Lil' Dude II

When my mom came to stay shortly after the lil' dude's arrival, she got things done.
She watered my Christmas tree.
She made my husband food.
She washed all the NB-sized clothes and arranged drawers, changing tables, and closets.
She bought me Mochas.
She baked Amish Friendship Bread.
She scoured the bathtub.
She worked on the lil' dude's Hardanger (Norwegian embroidery) Christmas stocking.
She got the mail, bought the groceries, burped the baby, made the Mama nap.
We were simply out of things to do. It had been 2 days.

I bought the little velour hoodie and hat at the Gap, as one of the few pre-baby purchases I made. Brown is one of my favorite colors. The (fake) Uggs were another must-have-brown purchase. She started to cry when her feet got too hot in them, however.

Love my chubby reindeer! Auntie M. got this in California a few months before the lil' dude was born- who knew there were reindeer in Cali? This picture was on the lil' dude's birth announcement. It's an outfit I will never part with.

What do you get when you have a baby in December? Christmas outfits, and tons of mini skull caps. That's OK, the lil' dude slept with one on her tiny melon for her first 4+ months of life.

This is when I finally said, "she's a girl. Let's break out the pink." This was the first pink outfit she received, a gift in the hospital. This head-to-toe Gap outfit probably cost the lil dude's Godfather $89, but the look on his face when he held her for the first time . . . priceless. And he wanted a nephew. Ha!

This is the Christmas dress my mom spent 3 hours looking for after the "IT'S A GIRL" news. Although she had anticipated a little classic Christmas dress in plaid black, red, and green taffeta, she couldn't find one small enough. So this had to suffice. It's the picture my parents, the proud first-time grandparents they were, sent out in their Christmas cards.


matti's baby's mama said...

You forgot the I-Falls outfit on your fashion list.

Little Dude's Mama said...

She wasn't 4 days old.