Friday, August 8, 2008

Pretty. Pretty Ridiculous

The lil' dude has long hair. Long hair for an infant anyways, it's whisper-soft and so fine. In the mornings, the sides where she slept are all matted and fuzzy. I can tuck the wisps behind her ears. When we drive in the car with the windows cracked, you can just see her baby hairs a'flutterin' over the top of her car seat. Sometimes, at the end of the day just before bathtime, her hair sticks to her scalp and lays down obediently. It's really boring. A friend who was holding her at bedtime this week said, "Oh. I like her hair when it stands up all over and sways in the breeze," all disappointed-like.

Do I have options? I could bedazzle her little melon.

But, isn't that sorta like THIS?

My, what a cute little Chihuahua you have! Oh, excuse me. A Yorkie.

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