Thursday, July 31, 2008

Old News

I picked the lil' dude up from daycare yesterday. In the busy entryway were two other parents. And one of them had a wee baby pudge in a carseat.
"Who was that?" I asked the daycare lady after they walked out.
"That's G. This is his first week! He's 3 months old."
My heart sank a little. That means Mister G is the new baby, and more (or less?) is expected of the lil' dude now that she is no longer the baby of the place. She's the old baby. Daycare lady went on to say how much she enjoys my baby girl, how independent and fearless and fun she is. She told me how she and her two littles BFFs spent the morning playing together. She's playing! With Friends!

I smiled when she was telling me lil' dude stories. I told her how fun it is to cheer her on as she tackles new things. How can you not want to eat every little delicious morsel of this amazing baby! It's too much. It makes me happy to be her mama, it makes me proud.

After the lil' dude and I spent some QT together buying groceries and making old ladies' days, we came home. I sat her on the counter as I thumbed through the mail. Coupons for Bath & Body Works, junk, junk, junk, wrong address, and this:

Look closely. It's a flyer from the school district- highlighting all the new Early Childhood Education classes available for the school year. It was addressed to her, her name was right there on the address label. They know about her. Old baby is right.

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