Monday, July 7, 2008

Letter from Mama, v7

Hello sweetheart . . . 7 months on 7/7!
As I write this, you are on the floor behind me, crawling everywhere and talking to yourself. You are laughing at something in your hands. You are so big now, and so much fun to cheer on. I will always be your number 1 fan, cheering you on, I promise. You amaze me every single day. When you bump your head or pinch your fingers in a book and your face scrunches into instant tears, you turn looking for me. I scoop you off the floor, hug you, whisper to you. Only then are you OK, and you wiggle to be put back down. Your independence will mean everything someday, so keep practicing. Just remember to stop for a hug from Mama every so often.

It seems this last month so many things have happened. You went on vacation, got your first two teeth, learned how to use a sippy cup, tried more foods, learned to crawl, learned to swim . . . Daddy and I are so proud of you and all your accomplishments! Through all these milestones, I can't help but wonder what will be your thing. Or, things, even. Will you be really good at spelling? You loved watching Coldplay perform on the Today Show, you watched intently for all three songs. Will you love music? Will you be an athlete? Left-handed? Will you paint? Will you enter baking contests?

You know what makes me happy about you? Your outgoing personality. Oh yes, baby girl, you have a definite personality at 7 months. I love how you will smile and laugh at anyone or anything. It makes me and Daddy so proud when you willingly go to some one's arms and let them love on you. It's as though you're sharing the goodness with everyone, showing them the love. It's a good trait to have, accepting everyone and being sweet to them. That's our girl!

You'll have more months like this one, where all sorts of big things happen. You'll also have months where it's just days of you being you although that won't likely happen for awhile. Always remember big or small, slow or fast, I'll always be there for your things.

Mama loves.

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