Monday, July 21, 2008

Camp Grandma

The lil' dude is at her grandparents' for the week, daycare is closed, my heart is breaking. She changed so much in the 5 days the Dad and I were on vaca. Here's hoping this week goes fast, and that the sweet baby girl-child doesn't learn how to ride her bike, speak Spanish, or grill a perfect Ribeye this time.

I am having a good time at Grandpa and Grandma's. Grandpa and I are watching the Today show but I figured out the remote and can change to Sesame Street when it gets too boring. Their TV is really little so I have to get up close to watch it. I slept really good but do you know what Grandma did? She bought me BOY pajamas-blue with cars on them!-What was she thinking? I did a blow out diaper at bedtime though and then got to wear pretty girl jammies-so much better. I had apricots with mixed fruit for breakfast-I liked it a lot but her mashed potatoes are yucky! Grandma said she doesn't know how to send you a picture but I am as cute as ever. Hugs for Daddy and Beagle-Love Lil' Dude

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