Thursday, May 15, 2008

Worth a 1,000 Words

That, my friends, is an artistic rendering of the lil' dude.

I picked her up from daycare a few days ago, and tucked into her carseat was this drawing. I unfolded it expecting it to be a daycare lady note saying, Need Diapers. Need Diapers and Scotch and Vacation, but it was this drawing.

"That is the lil' dude," said C., a little who really loves the lil' dude.
"I can see that," I told him, "you did a great job."
"See? I drew hers hair all stand-uppy, hers has stand-uppy hair," he said.
"She sure does," I agreed.
"And hers has BIG eyes. I drew hers with big eyes," he pointed to the drawing.
"She does have big eyes, you're right again," I replied.
"And, hers has a big happy round head. I drew hers a big happy round head," he finished, "hers wants you to bring this to her room."

And I did. I hung this perfect drawing of the lil' dude on hers nursery door.

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