Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

Yesterday, I celebrated my first Mother's Day with the lil' dude . . . I am a Mama.
Last year, Mother's Day was during the 12th week of my pregnancy, we were days shy of hearing her heart beat for the first time. My mom snuck me a package, as it was still a secret to most people. The Dad gave me a card, careful to not jinx anything. It seemed surreal.

Yesterday was, in a word, perfect. We had the morning to ourselves, and we were slow and lazy about it. We had coffee and oatmeal (one for each), read a magazine, played on the floor, went outside, and cleaned out the li'l dude's closet and dressers. I really fought back tears as I packed up a third Rubbermaid tub full of too-small clothes.

I got some great gifts . . . that girl has taste! And, knows her Mama well.

Music and coffee, high on the I Heart lists.

A photo album, titled appropriately.

My favorite gift of all, though? These three things.

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