Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Danger Danger!

There are bumpers in the lil' dude's crib, and I put them there. Her crib looked so . . . barren and cold without them. Like a orphanage crib. People (new moms) warned me they are the new Sleeping on The Tummy, bumpers can kill.

So far, they haven't been an issue. They match her nursery. Her grandma made them for her.

This morning at 3am, I heard her make a noise. I figured she was rooting for her pluggie, so I got up to help the poor kid out. I found her instead, pluggie intact, smashed into the corner of her crib, where side bumper meets front bumper. She was breathing, she was sleeping, actually. Still made me feel weird.

The lil' dude is moving around a lot more these days, she is never content to lay on her back and stare at the same speck on the ceiling anymore. She's a mover. Now that she is beginning to explore her crib, and all surroundings, is it time for me to take out the coordinating bumpers? Oh, don't say yes. Damnit.

Won't she cry when she smashes her soft melon onto the bars now?

Hmmm . . . what is over here? Let me take a look see . . .

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