Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fan Mail

Our Village stretches far and wide. It's one of my favorite things in America. Our support system; our fan base;  our roster. We're crazy-lucky.

I've been waxing poetic about Kindergarten for months now. Bear with me; sorry, not sorry. My Village has heard my jam on repeat but they're faithful. They let me go on and on and let her go on and on. 

This week, the mail started rolling in. Last summer, when the Lil' Dude split her cheek wide open, I think she had mail to open for 10 days straight. Love via USPS is what that is! 

Grandma G. sent a box yesterday- the Lil' Dude spied it on the porch the minute we got home. It has stickers, she squealed. I know where it came from! It contained a new skirt and cardi- my girl's love languages. And two books- Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten and Don't Let The Pigeon Drive the Bus. And a card ... Oh, the card:

To my Lil' Dude-Girl;
I am so proud of you starting kindergarten- you have grown up so fast. My first day of kindergarten in April 1967 is the only first day of school I remember. My outfit was orange and bright pink and my tennis shoes had zippers because I couldn't tie my shoes tight enough to keep the laces tied- Grandpa R. had to reteach me when he was done working in the fall! I rode the bus to school but got picked up before lunch- only went 1/2 days. I loved it and you will too. Have a fabulous year. Love, Grandma G.

Oh, man.

And that lady- Grandma G., my own Mama also sent me a letter, in a University of Minnesota card. 

Thought this card was most fitting as our favorite 5 year old heads to kindergarten. Maybe she will be 10 years old and ask, "Does this town have a college? I think I want to go there!" Like you did. Push U of M!!! Be thankful she is a bright and healthy little girl, able and willing to go to school. We are blessed! You will survive the first day- I promise. "You are amazing, competent, strong, and beautiful!" ... And so is Lil' Dude as she starts her road of education. You have done an amazing job being her Mom! Be proud. Love you bunches- M.

Oh, man-er.

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