Friday, August 23, 2013


Today is one of those days where I can't fix it for you.
Today you're saying goodbye to one of your best friends, your first crush, and probable first love.
Your buddy G. is leaving daycare for kindergarten, and had the audacity to make his departure a full week before yours.


He was born five months after you, and started daycare as you were starting to produce teeth. That's a lot of days spent together. You have literally grown up together.

I remember the days he'd sit waiting for you on the steps, holding your "daycare NaNa". His drop-offs always prompt, ours notsomuch. I remember the one time I snuck up the stairs to see the two of you entwined on the couch, your head in his lap as he absentmindedly stroked your hair, engrossed in a cartoon. Every Friday morning he asks, "how was gymnastics last night?"

And like any couple you've had your rows. Called each other names. Hurt each other, physically, emotionally. Sold each other out to the highest bidder, and lunged for the soft spots in each other's lives.

But there were always Friday mornings. You two are both only children. Kindred to the core.

And today, you're saying goodbye to him.

Last night, you colored your heart out in a project of epic love proportion with his name on it. You included an address label bearing your info, lest that sweet boy ever forget where to find you.
And, you included a temporary tattoo with your Daddy's favorite local brewery logo on it. Matching tattoos, at five? Yeah, sweet girl, you got this thing called love on lock.

We stopped this morning at the bakery to pick out cupcakes in G's honor.
It took an excruciating amount of time.
Vanilla. They have to be vanilla. That's his favorite. They can't have girl sparkles or jewelry or Hello, Kitty or nothing.

I stood back and let you pick.
One of our extended family motto's is, when all else fails, bring food.
And cupcakes were your idea.

I hope today goes as best as it can.
I hope you hugged his neck, hard, and told him how awesome he is.
How much you'll miss him.

And how you'll never, ever forget him.

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