Thursday, April 5, 2012

Four Foot Fashion

I was commiserating with my Mama friend this week about daughters who have a say ... too much say ... in their Mother's personal style. Last week the lil' dude told me I wear scarves too much; that she was tired of that particular look.

That's harsh, man. She's only four!

Then I told my Mama friend what my kiddo was rockin' that very day to preschool- a pastel green and yellow maxi dress, navy blue striped tights, a cream, ruffled long-sleeved t-shirt, and silver sparkly Toms spattered with orange paint. Judge on, tiny judger, lest you not be judged!

I'm back to wearing scarves on the near daily.

In the mean time, my four foot fashionista is rockin' ensembles like this on the daily:

Gopher sweats. Syracuse tee. Pink fancy shoes. Mama's work gloves. And her iPod. Nary a care in the world.
That's inspiration at its finest.

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