Friday, April 6, 2012

Besties From the Block

The lil' dude is growing up with her best friend living directly across the street from her, their driveways are perfectly aligned.
Born six weeks apart and acting like sisters ever since, it' been one of my greatest pleasures in life watching these two ladies grow up together, all sweaty blond hair and overly applied sparkly lipgloss and sweaty, clutching hands.

Something pretty big happened in the neighborhood under last weekend's sunshine:

These babies crossed the street together, alone. Free of parental supervision.

Granted, each Mama was on her own front porch, hollering directions and wringing hands in worry and disbelief.

That our firstborn, our darling daughters are capable of such a feat. The two who used to swap Nukkies and share blankies and sleep forehead to forehead on big king sized beds when their parties were over.

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