Thursday, April 19, 2012


Kid Rock,

Daddy and I had your preschool conferences yesterday. I was very excited to go and glean all I could from your sweet teacher. You see, as a preoccupied 4 year old, you don't share much about your day away from me. I mostly get stock answers from you when I inquire about your day on our drive home. For example, each and every single day I ask you what you had for lunch and you reply, chicken.

I remember my own Mama's trepidation about my conferences when I was a child. She knew the outcome would be the same.
Bright, social child.
Never, ever shuts her damn mouth.

This occurred kindergarten through whenever she stopped going- junior high?
I did not fear attending yours.

The Easter Bunny gifted you a butterfly Barbie doll and since that Sunday morning, you've been appearing in real life in these wings. You're a wingnut and I fully supportive your current habit/trend/obsession.

At conferences, we were presented with your Observation Report. It's based on a scale that on the left-hand side, shows "Not Observed" and the middle is "Emerging" and the right-hand side shows "Consistently Observed". Your teacher explained that as a winter birthday 4 year old, she simply wanted you to be "Emerging" in all your developmental areas:

Social Competence & Relationships
Creativity & the Arts
Physical & Motor Development
Language & Literacy Development
Language & Literacy
Cognitive Development

And without surprise, you are beyond Emerging and pretty close to Consistently Observed in most areas. You excel at Language & Literacy. When presented with free time, you usually find a big ol' pile and books and set about looking at them solo. (I nearly cried at that ... oh, baby girl! We're such nerdy bookworms and I am delighted!) You take writing very seriously.

You adjust to new situations and scenarios very well. That's the Daddy in you ... Mama, not so much.
You always participate.
You're independent and often times at recess, you're by yourself. Again, that is the Daddy in you.
But you're very happy this way, and I am learning it doesn't mean you're sad and lonely. It means you're content and OK. Maybe that's the Grandma G. in you!
You need to remember to cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing.
You're getting better with patience. You'll sit THISCLOSE to the art easel as your classmate finishes his or her project, waiting for your turn.

The one comment your teacher made was this:
Lil' dude participates and enjoys all parts of the preschool day. She is willing to try everything. Occasionally it is hard for her to share her favorite things. She continues to grow in all developmental areas.

Sharing is a theme we continue to work on- at daycare, and with your village. We know full well how you operate.

One week at school, there was a pet shop setup in the Star Room. A pet shop! Complete with pens and pens of stuffed puppies and furry kittens and tank after tank of fish, turtles, and reptiles. Besides a barnyard, I can't imagine anything better for you to experience. You're a truly obsessive animal lover. So, pet shop week rocked your face off. One afternoon, your teacher went to straighten the Star Room up and noticed a bunch of puppies missing. The next day, she witnessed you removing said puppies from the play refrigerator where you safely stowed them for first dibs.

As your mother, I am not sure if I should scold you or high-five you for your ingenuity.

I think I'll do both.
I'm proud of you, my little preschooler.
So insanely proud.
Bigger than the sky, and better than Starbucks.

Mama loves.

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