Friday, May 27, 2011


Daddy, "Killer", and Uncle D., 1988

This week, our family and entire state is mourning the death of Harmon Killebrew, #3 and third base player for the Minnesota Twins from 1961 until 1974. Killebrew is your Grandpa T's favorite baseball player of all time. It's hard to lose a legend, a childhood hero, and lifelong inspiration. His #3 jersey has been hanging Grandpa and Grandma's picture window since he passed away last Tuesday.

Killebrew embodied what professional athletes usually don't: poise, grace, quality, respect, integrity. He was a simple, quiet man who loved his job and did it well. He was free of endorsements, drama, and ego. He set an example for the rest of the league.

Killebrew will always be remembered for the 573 career home-runs he hit, being inducted into the Hall of Fame, and his 13 All-Star game appearances, without a doubt.

But he will be most remembered for being that hero and inspiration to thousands and thousands of people, young and old.

Thanks for the being the cornerstone of Major League Baseball in our state.
Rest in peace.

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