Friday, May 20, 2011

1,000 Words

I am behind on this post ... current story of my life! In March, your Grandma G. and I went on a solo girls' vacation to the East coast, visiting Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC. It was in honor of our big birthdays- 30 and 50- and I finally boarded an airplane with my own Mama for the first time ever. When I was a kid, if we couldn't reach a destination in our silver Ford Taurus wagon, we simply didn't go. This was truly, a trip of a lifetime.

Grandma G. is one of the most easygoing people I know. I love that trait. She let me completely plan the trip. She let me drive the red-hot 2012 Mustang with four miles on it ... like I stole it. And we freestyled like Thelma and Louise when airports and deicing and tarmac time and weather threatened our trip. We just took off into the sunset with half a map, lots of caffeine, and sunglasses on our giddy faces.

We stayed in luxurious, historical beds. We ate Southern. We laughed Northern. We drank more Starbucks that anyone should in a months' time, let alone five days. We bought souvenirs for our favorite people, requested our sweet tea be unsweetened, wore SPF, bought scarves, shoes, and lipgloss, and called home each night to whisper good nights.

I loved every second.
And, took hundreds of photos.
But, after the laborious task of whittling that list down to an editable amount, I kept coming back to these 15 photos. They speak for themselves. They hold the memories that will unlock the stories of our sacred trip.

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