Monday, May 16, 2011

4 Generations

Last Sunday was one of your Mama's favorite days ... in that I was able to spend the day with some of my favorite women.

My Grandma, who just turned 80.
My Mama, who just turned 50.
My daughter, who just turned the world upside down, per usual.

I loved that afternoon. I loved Daddy taking our picture, and I'll treasure it forever.

But not as much as the memories we made during our photo shoot.

Note Exhibit A:

And, Exhibit B:

So, we got one, sort of decent photo, and about 17 not-so decent. But those are the realistic ones of life with a three year old. I love how I kept on smiling, Daddy kept on snapping like your antics were no big deal. You had your Grandma's both in stitches.

Thanks for the memories, lil' dude.
Per usual.

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