Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Where You Sleep

Your bedroom is my favorite in the house. It's such a sweet, meaningful space. I put a lot of effort into constructing the nursery when you were still a bump. I remember shopping at an antique store with Grandma G. before I was even pregnant, and selecting items for my one-day nursery. Grandma, in all her wisdom, told me to worry about getting pregnant first! What can I say. I always knew there'd be a you.

This is your Minnesota Twins shelf, aptly named for the memoribilia Grandpa T. bestows upon you. The shelf was made for me by my Grandpa R. when I was a kid. It held my Precious Moments figurines I collected.

This summer, I went through the playroom at your great-Grandma S's and found this adorable sweater amongst the doll clothes- I had this spot on your shelf in mind. I wish it wasn't too small for you. It reminds me of Mary Poppins.

I love stars. I hung a star in each room of this house when we decorated it. This sits above your wooden name letters.

My favorite fixture in your room is the shelf that hangs above your changing table dresser. It was mine when I was younger, made again as a birthday gift by Grandpa R. I used to hang necklaces from the pegs, and used it to proudly display my troll collection. Oh, to be a teenager. I found these blocks at an antique store, and the wooden toys are from great-Grandma S's playroom. The Beatrice Potter book collection was also mine, given to me by Grandma G's Godmother after her retirement. She was an elementary school teacher, and the books bear the stamp and library card envelope from her old school.

These are your faithful sleeping companions- Gloworm, Curious George, Beagle, little Beagle, and Nana, your blanket.

This is your bookshelf. The vintage horse was a pregnancy gift from your buddy JW's daddy- he thought it belonged in your nursery immediately. The tiny vintage shoes I bought at an antique store after I had a daughter. The photo is you at six months gettin' some sugar from your first real friend, Big T. who was just over two at the time. It'll be in your room forever.

This is the sweetest, most nostalgic gift I received at your baby shower from your auntie SG. She took the photos of your homecoming that cold, Sunday afternoon, and acquired scraps of your bedding from Grandma G. to finish the frame. She wrote the sweetest words on the back, too. I hope this is always the centerpiece of your home.

Your handmade baptismal gown hangs right by your bed. It's Norwegian Hardanger, hand-stitched by Grandma G. All the old ladies at church were absolutely thrilled to see a traditional gown on a tiny baby girl. It's a forever family heirloom.

This is an antique doll cradle I bought you at a flea market last spring. It came with a hand crocheted baby blanket and I bought it from the sweetest couple who were tickled to hear it was for my daughter.

For your first birthday, Grandpa T. and Grandma S. gave you this Amish rocking chair which holds some of your dearest pals. You like to sit in it and rock your own babies to sleep.

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
Guard me while I sleep tonight,
And wake me safe at dawn's first light.
God bless Mommy; Daddy, too,
And help me to always be true to you.

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