Sunday, August 29, 2010


You're the most easygoing child there ever was, and this story is proof.

Last night, Daddy, you, and I gathered around our patio and had a farewell to summer bonfire. It was dark, breezy, and just perfect. You had all your stuffed dogs on leashes and were content for the first half hour at the pit.

Mama? you asked. I wanna go in and play sisters (code for dollhouse).

"No, honey. We're going to stay outside by the fire right now," I replied.

OK, Mama.

I laughed- see how easygoing you are?

"Lil' dude, do you want to jump off a cliff with me?" I asked, laughing.

YEAH! you shouted.

Daddy shook his head. Then you asked him, where is the cliff, Daddy?

"Ask your Mom where the cliff is," he replied.

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