Saturday, August 7, 2010

Letter from Mama, v32

Each month I debate on continuing these letters on 7th- you're 32 months old. Your driving a car, and making paella from scratch, and counting in Chinese. You're making your Mama get out the calculator to figure out what number needs to go in the title. I used to count your age in weeks- you're now somewhere around 136 weeks old- that's a whole lot of Mondays! And a whole lot of Thursday evenings, my favorite part of the week. So for now, I will continue to pen these letters each month, because maybe more than anything, I need them and the 7th to remind me to be here and now.

We as a society tend to live in tomorrow- meaning, we're always looking ahead to days and events and occasions. It's so easy to get caught up in crossing each day off and inching toward the circles on the calendar. I know I am guilty of this and honestly, it's probably the biggest struggle I have with myself. Embrace today. Live in the moment. It all sounds so cliche but it needs to be enforced because it can be taken away in an instant. Each day I remind myself to stop wishing away the day or week or month, and I do this for you, lil' dude. As your mother, it's my job to set the pace of your days and your life. When it comes to you, I want nothing to hurry.

You still crave time alone. This weekend, you woke at up 10am, had some breakfast, and retreated to your closet for literally, a few hours' worth of playtime. I'm sure it's because you spend so much time during the week surrounded people and activity and commotion. Or, maybe it's simply because you are your mother's daughter, because I too, seek out solitude when I can and when it makes sense. The biggest thing I have ever wanted to foster in my children was a sense of independence, to be free from the restraints of dependence and belonging too tightly. I'd say you're already doing a great job, inherent or not. I want to teach you to rely instinctively on yourself first and foremost in any instance. Independence will shape your character and strengthen any relationship you have, lil' dude. I promise.

Make your own path, chica. Forge your own way.
Mama loves.

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