Friday, June 4, 2010

Reading Material

Mama's got a new book on her nightstand:

And Mama means business.

We thought early this winter we had potty training in the bag ... we celebrated, we boasted. And now we're eating our words! Only parenthood can humble you in such ways, right? And while the lil' dude has been -dare I say- an amazing little person from the word go, this, this can be our challenge. This can be our season. Sleeping, eating, bottles, road trips, pacifiers, teething, daycare, talking, walking, toddler beds ... you name it, she's surpassed all of our expectations to the nth degree.

She's simply made our lives too easy.
So, I'm up for a good challenge ... and even more up for discontinuing the purchase of princess Pull-Ups once and for all.
To the nth degree.

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Rachel said...

I'm all about the "no pants" thing for potty training!!