Monday, June 7, 2010

Letter from Mama, v30

We're both 30! Technically; I am years and you are months, but I still like the comparison. You are officially two and a half; for 30 months, you've been our centerpiece, the altar at which we worship, and the thread that sews us together. You're my favorite part in slow, acoustic country songs ... the violin solo which is sweet, strong, and clear. You're the vanilla ice cream cone that won't stop dripping, the cup of sugar in every recipe, and the reflection in every mirror. 30 months! That's so many manys.

This morning, you found a bug on the steps in the entryway. You made your Daddy come and remove it from your path; squealing and hollerin' like a true girly-girl and priss. You made me laugh so hard ... and sigh audibly. It wasn't three minutes later and we're all loaded in the car to begin our day and you have the bug ensconced in a Styrofoam tray ... on your LAP. From a distance, you figured the bug could be near you. If things got hairy, you knew your Mama or Daddy would leap to your rescue. I like that about you. Scared, but intrigued. Anyways, you brought the bug to daycare to show your peeps. I heard it went over well. Thanks for making my morning anything but ordinary.

In the spirit of numbers celebration, I feel I should do 30 mini-shout outs as part of this month's documentation. Here are 30 well-loved bits about the lil' dude, in no particular order:

The dimple in your nose - You don't like jelly - Or chocolate milk - Saying goodbye to everything - Love your toes painted - Pulling on Daddy's arm to get him to come with you - Stumbling out of bed to collapse on bathroom floor - How good you sit in shopping carts - Asking to see the picture I just took - Asking where your phone is - Reading aloud to yourself - Propping your chin in your hands - Asking to go to your friends' houses daily - Turning on the outside faucet - Loving your reflection in every smooth surface - Yelling 'Three Ball!' during the Playoffs - Saying your tummy is full - Washing your hands - Bringing an item from home with when we leave - Reading in bed by Gloworm's light - Singing - Picking flowers for Mama - Defending the dog when I scold him - Saying thank you, unprompted - Your black and blue shins - Calling skirts & dresses 'booties' - Whispering love you at bedtime - Your accessories - Labeling every color red - How blond you are.

You're two-and-a-half, big girl.
Just think, in the time it took you get here in life, in that exact amount of time again you'll be Kindergarten aged.

Mama loves.

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