Thursday, June 3, 2010

Places We Go

A few blocks from our house is a private girls' college ... we can see the nuns and hear the chimes from our porch. The campus is beautiful and dates back to 1913. The community we live in is proud of this college. It's one of our favorite places to visit.

Because of this:

According to the lil' dude, it's where the fishies live. And she's right.

The pond is full of colorful Koi fish the college maintains season after season. Each spring, there is a release of the Koi back into their outdoor habitat.

And each spring, a tiny girl asks the question of when we can go see the fish ... a question that is re-asked until we take her to face the barren, cement pond left empty in the fall.

But for now, our season is here and the question is asked daily. I like to think she'll remember all the times we visited the Koi pond when she was little, how the Beagle lapped up the water and how she begged each time to get out of her stroller or wagon for a better look.

And how we're thankful for the lesson community and nature and creatures can teach us.

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