Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Your Booty & His

Last night I showed you the fab new skirt I bought you ... and you wanted to try it on.
You call skirts- and dresses- and even tutu's ... BOOTIES.
As in, 'shake your booty.'

Anyways, you're lying on your back on the floor trying to get your booty on by yourself. You roll out of sight, behind the couch.
To where the Beagle is stationed.

I can barely hear you now, and you're whispering.
I peek over the couch at you ...
And you're gently coaxing the Beagle into your skirt.
Paw by paw.
Giant dog leg by dog leg.
Beagle needs it. Shake his booty, too.
And your sweet, gentle puppy, he's just sorta letting you.
Bless his heart.

And yours for sharing your booty.

Adorable photo courtesy of the lovely & talented, Auntie Mo.

1 comment:

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

She's getting more and more adorable!

As far as the icing goes for PW's rolls, I made the one in the cookbook using powdered sugar, maple flavoring, coffee, butter and I think something else. One word: DELISH. LOVED IT!