Friday, December 11, 2009

All I Want for Christmas

dEaR sAnTA clAuS:

i'Ve BeEn A vERy gooD GiRl in 2oo9 ... AsK mY mAMA & dAdDy.

hERe Is tHE liSt oF {sTUFf} i WouLD liKE:

~fOR mY NaNa TO NeVEr hAVe tO gEt WAShed. iT mAkEs me SAd.

~To BE ablE tO SLeeP iN EVERYday!

~tO EaT reD GRapES & cHeDdaR GOldFisH & bREad & SaUSaGe & HOmeMaDE pICKleS @ evERy mEaL.

~to HAvE sOmEoNe tHroW mE iN tHE aiR aLL dAY L 0 N G !

~TO tAKe seVEn hOuR BaTHs.

~to ABOlisH miTTeNs fOR g00D.

~tO cOnViNCe mAmA 2 ShAre HER `hot` CoffEE FoR oNCE.

~fOR tHe bEaGLe tO bE AbLe to TaLK.

~tO mOVe to tARGet & lIVe theRe.

~fOR 'CuSE to {WIN} thE TiTLe.

~TO hAVE gRANDpa lEAve hIS 4WhEELer @ mY HOUse.

~to BE HEALthy, HapPy, & cOnTEnT for ALWays.

THaT's aLL, sAnTA.
{tHaNkYOU/You'RE welcOmE}

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