Friday, December 18, 2009

A Little Elf Told Me ...

That Santa has been busy at the Grandparents' of the North ...
Word is he delivered a bunch of presents for Miss Lil' Dude for our Christmas celebration this weekend.
The stockings- hung & stuffed.
The cookies- baked & iced.
The gifts- wrapped & stowed.
The grandparents- anxious & anticipating!

This is your third Christmas, my little winter baby, and already we have traditions we love and honor as a family.
It makes me practically giddy to have a child, to have you, my sweet daughter during the holidays.
We are lucky and blessed.

The gift of family, the gift of health, the gift of contentment, the gift of generosity.
May those gifts be forever what we need.
May our focus always be true, be valued.

And may we always have crème brûlée ...

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