Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Letter from Mama, v22

You are 22 months old today, lil' dude. I bet you're wondering for how much longer I am going to continue referring to your age in months. The answer is ... about two more months. That's so soon. People ask me now how old you are, and I just say, she'll be two in December.

And, people ask me that all the time. Like, last Sunday morning, you and I woke up very early. We headed uptown for mochas and banana-blackberry muffins at the coffee shop. You ran to our spot in the back by the fireplace and worn leather sofa. We sat for an hour, until I had drank the last of my coffee and you had put back the animal memory game you were playing with. Several patrons commented on how sweet and polite and calm you were. They naturally asked how old you were and were shocked when I said, she'll be two in December. You're an old soul. I say that all the time.

You're about to embark on the biggest adventures of your little life tomorrow afternoon. You're boarding an airplane with Daddy and Mama and we're headed to the west coast for a long weekend. Lucky! I was 17 the first time I flew on an airplane! There's this page in your baby book that says, "baby's first vacation" and when I began filling in your story when you finally arrived, I wondered about that page. Where we would go, how old you would be. I am so excited to be sharing this with you, little girl. We're going to have a blast! You, Daddy, and I? We're the best team ever!

This month, you've continued to hone your skills as a real-live person. This morning, you and I went out to the garage to leave for the day, with you saying, see yah, Daddy. Bye-bye Beagle. Daddy smiled and said, "such a little person she is." You continue to love books and reading, going to sleep at night, eating fruit, drinking milk, playing with your farm and babies, and being thrown around in the air by Daddy and his big muscles. You're the reason and the answer to everything, lil' dude, and we're so delighted to have you in our lives.

Mama loves.

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