Friday, October 23, 2009

Health Prayer

We are hunkered down here at Casa de Lil' Dude; with a prognosis of probable H1N1.

Just wanted to remind everyone to say a prayer for health for children everywhere.

The clinic today quite the scene, a lot of watery-eyed babies, weary-eyed parents, and a general sick and tired effect.

Take care of the ones you love, take care of yourselves, and be well.

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BethanyAdele said...

Hey...prayers send your way and to all the sick kiddos. What are her symptoms? What are they treating her with? Is she doing okay? Any special precautions the MD told you to do? All the questions come from the nurse and mommy in me! Take care of your little one H1N1 dx or not..hope she is feeling better soon!