Friday, October 30, 2009

Favorite Season

Daddy kicked it old-school last night ... and came to bed at 12:45 in the AM.
I had been sleeping, literally, for HOURS.
It's that time of year- it's his favorite season.
And he was watching west coast NBA games and cheering on 'Melo as he dropped 41 points ... (Carmelo Anthony hails from 'Cuse, just so you know)!

Anyways, we took you to your first NBA Wednesday night.
You learned how to cheer on Jonny Flynn, our new rookie, #10. (Jonny Flynn hails from 'Cuse, just so you know)
You said, JONNY JONNY JONNY about 73 times before tip off. I asked the Dad if he'd ever had a prouder parenting moment, and he thought about it, and said he didn't think so.

Game time came. The crowd was dismal. The team sparse, full of newbies.
But Daddy didn't care. He never does. He's a Fan. Lifelong.
You weren't the best of girls, but there will be other games.
So, we left early, at the end of the 3rd quarter when the TWolves were down by 19. As in, 19 points, or 10 possessions.
That's a lot, you know.

And then, we listened to the staticy game on AM radio, driving home in the rain.
Daddy lamenting how he NEVER EVER, as in, never ONE TIME IN HIS LIFE, has left a basketball game early.
He's always there, to the bitter end. Bitter or not.
It's sacrilege to leave early!
And, our squad rallied to come back, going on a 19-4 run in the 4th quarter ... and winning at the buzzer.

Lil' dude: Never Leave a Game Early.

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Rachel said...

I'm am laughing my head off!