Thursday, April 30, 2009

Never Goodbye

She was there when I dreamed of you.
She was there, first in line, when I told her of you.
She was there, when Daddy called, as everyone learned of you.

She's always, always been there. Your Auntie M., one of Mama's dearest, favoritest, most important friends.
She gave you your very first purse.
And so, so much more.

Your Auntie M is brave. She doesn't think so, but I tell her anyways. She's following her heart ... 830 miles away from me- from us. I've encouraged her, and fostered her ability to go with everything I have because simply; I am her proponent and I love her always.

Now I'll learn to love her differently. From far away. But really, she's here, in this spot I touch. She's in my heart, nestled in my soul, and forever embedded in my memory. Not far away, really.

She was there from the very beginning ...

I've known Auntie M. for nearly seven years, yet I feel like I've known her my whole life. When something is good, it just is. Lil' dude, I hope for you with all my heart you meet someone like her to be your own right arm someday. Nothing in life is as good without a friend to share it with you. I know she's made me a better mother. Better person.

So to her I say, goodbye, good luck, and good shoes.
But not really the goodbye part.
Never goodbye.

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