Friday, April 17, 2009


I never want to forget:

How much you love to brush your teeth. As soon as I rouse you from your sleep each morning, you point to your mouth and say all sleepy, teeth. You take your time just like your daddy does.

How you and your neighbor bestie, E., fought this week. Over the chair. Over babies. Over blankets, sippy cups, books, and toys. NO, MINE. NO, MINE. Don't get me wrong; I don't condone that type of behavior, but it's interesting to see how you're developing and making your own declarations, placing emphasis on what's important to you, and asserting yourself. We just have to work on the niceties of all of it.

How you polished off two giant heaps of baked beans last night. For a girl who doesn't care for potatoes, you sure eat a lot of other "surprising" foods.

How when I tuck you in at night, and whisper the same thing into your neck, "sweet dreams, lil' dude, Mama loves," you give me a kiss, then wave bye-bye when I lay you down.

How you go stand by the pantry door and say, 'nack, please. Mama, 'nack. when you want to eat Craisins, or cheddar bunnies or raisins.

How you say, all-D when you are done with something. All-d!

How you sit by the Beagle when he eats, giving him one kibble at a time, and how gentle you are. (And how surprised I am at the Beagle's patience and gentleness toward you!) How you pick up his bowl and put it on the counter when he is ... all-d!

How your Daycare Lady told me yesterday, "I love the lil' dude. She refuses to be little. She has to do what the big kids do. Slide. Swing. Climb." You make Mama's heart burst!

How you do that shoulder-shrug thing you do! It's so innocent and sweet- like you have momentary shyness at times and all you have left to communicate is your shrug.

How when we're driving, you're almost always silent and just observing the world around you, until you spot a dog and exclaim loudly, "puppy!' even if it's blocks away. You love dogs!

How I find pieces of you everywhere, like your little strawberry Gerber snack stick currently in my purse. Makes me smile.

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