Friday, June 1, 2012

Why Not

Because it's the first day of summer. Because it's Friday. Because the sun is shining. And because we're girls and rebels and because we don't need a reason, the lil' dude and I visited our favorite coffee shop this morning before work and daycare. Imagine her gorgeous, saucer-sized eyes when I told her that at 7am instead of hollering at her to get dressed, brushed, pottied, and into the entryway in 11 minutes. Mama ... can we really? Can I have my star cookie and lemmelade? Absolutely. Why not. Can we sit inside and not eat in the truck? Absolutely. Why not.

And yeah we were late this morning to our respective places to be. And none of that matters. If I am going to love every single poster, painting, Post-It, or paper with notions of Carpe the Hella-Diem out of life, then I sure as Hell am going to live it and parent it too. Why not.

I want her to remember the spontaneity I have always threatened but never offered. That next time, the coffee shop morning might be the zoo 40 miles from here, or the spa where she can get her first pedicure in an offensive purple color. Or the ear piercing kiosk in the mall, for the love of God, even though she's not yet nine years old, like I had to be in order to be punctured. Why not.

Oh, why the Hell not! So, happy first day of June to you all. Happy light a Carpe-the-freaking-Diem fire under each of you, even if it only lasts the summer. Dip it, taste it, free it!

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