Thursday, June 21, 2012

I Like This Day

A few weeks ago, I mentioned my desire to have a spontaneous summer after having Saturday morning coffee on a Friday instead. I am making good on my promise.

Father's Day started out gorgeous. Forecast, stunning. We SPF'd up, shimmied into bathing suits, got out towels, toys, magazines, and tried not to cry our faces off when it started to unexpectedly storm. All afternoon. Defeated but not dramatic, the lil' dude decided to nap away the gray skies and lamented only once or twice how bad she really wanted to swim.

Monday's forecast promised more of Sunday's gloom. But by noon, it was hotter than your mom, blue sky after blue sky and the mercury reached 90*. So without much hesitation, I left my office, sprung my baby from daycare and we headed home to redeem Sunday's loss. We managed to spring her Bestie from daycare too, and by 2pm, the fishies were a fishie-ing.

The blondies swam for two hours, until they could no longer paddle to the ladder without help.

As they laid sunning themselves on Princess towels eating snacks post-swim, the lil' dude said, I like this day. This was a GREAT day!

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