Monday, January 9, 2012


A few days ago, my precious daughter was looking at the framed wedding photo in our bedroom as we readied for a birthday party for one of her "boys". She asked me where she was the day we got married.

"Well, you weren't here yet," I explained. Sorta.
My girl hates to miss parties.
Well? Where was I? She demanded.

Daddy chimed in from the bathroom.
"We didn't make you yet," he said.
Helpful! Notsomuch.
Make me? she asked. How did you make me?

The Dad and I stared at each other.
Good question.

"With magic", I assured her.
"Mama and Daddy love each other very much and we made you with magic."
Magic? Where was the magic?

Why, oh why ... is she so so darling and precocious and inquisitive?

I told my baby girl, with all the solemnness I could muster, "The magic was in our hearts."
And that pacified her.
Team Parents, 1
Team 4 Year-Old Questions Regarding Reproduction, 0

Last night, we were visiting our Village people, and I overheard the lil' dude tell her auntie VB that her parents made her ... using just the magic in their hearts.
I tell her 14 times a day to flush the toilet and turn off lights to no avail, but I tell her one teeny, tiny thing about life and she'll never forget it? Just my luck.

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