Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It Goes Without Saying

Four is awesome. I wish there was an app that would record every single thing the lil' dude says, because her funny? Is the most funny there ever was.

Waking her up at 7:15am, in the workday darkness:
The sun is too bright. It hurts my eyes.

Telling her she's a slowpoke:
No! I am the fastest poke!

Strategizing our morning together at my office:
I need to bring the white computer (laptop) so I can print stuff off.

Remembering health routines:
Opening her door after lights out, Daddy you need to cut my nails tomorrow. Door closes.

Canine vs. human traits:
If the Beagle could talk, I'd let him drive the car.

Quoting Matt Damon and "We Bought a Zoo":
My happy is always too loud. I can't help it.

The unending morning routine:
Mama, I just really need you to go away so I can rest.

Urgent secret messaging:
Come here so I can tell you a whisper.

Getting what she needs:
Mama, can you give me a fever? (do her a favor)

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