Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wall of Fame

Each year right before her birthday, the Dad and I pore over the entire year in lil' dude pictures, trying to narrow down our favorites to just four to blow up for the wall in the dining room. It's hard work.

Even harder work? Going through the past years' photos tucked into the frames and trying not to lose my shit ... I can't even!
The first year- pictures of her in tiny Onesie, dressed in her first Jordan hat, 24 hours old wrapped in the standard hospital blanket. Hiding in NaNa at two months old, wearing a Onesies hand-stamped with her name, made by her Fairy Godmother. Wearing her first pair of pink shoes. Breaking Mama's heart with the oozing adorableness and forever memories.

At this rate, we'll have 72 20" x 20" photos to display at her high school graduation.

Introducing 2011's Wall of Fame.

Mama's picks:

The summer of 2011 will forever be burned into my brain as the days of endless swimming, sun, and SPF. We took advantage of each and every savory day.

Ad indicated by the new blog header I had the Dad make, this photo is just little girl. A beach towel, wet hair from the lake, a sugary confectionery bigger than your head, a chipped hot pink manicure, and your bestie in the background.

And the Dad's picks:

Jordan brand. Been rockin' that since she was a single day old.

And a big girl in a hoodie, canvasing the pumpkin patch this fall.

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