Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Happy birthday to my sweet, darling daughter today.
You turned four at 12:37pm today with me right beside you.
We set the world on fire this morning ... doing the things you love the most.
It's been a perfect day for a four year old, with promise of more fabulousness as the day wears on.

You used to weigh eight pounds.
You also used to wear size eight in shoes.
I remember sending your baby Tylenol in a Ziploc bag to daycare after your immunizations or sickness, with a note bearing dosing information.
Now, I tuck a tube of chapstick in your pocket for you to use all day long.

I tell you the truth. I expect the same in return.
You make me insanely proud and extremely content.
You're the heartbeat and liner notes and navigational beacon and whip cream on top of everything I love and adore.
You're my very best girl, and I promise, I never take you for granted.
You're no small miracle, of that I am sure.

So happy, happy 4th birthday, lil' dude.
You're an amazing human.
And I love you more than there is glitter in the Magic Kingdom.

Kiss, kiss.
Two kisses, always.

Mama loves.

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