Monday, August 29, 2011

The Plastic Contingency

More than any other reason, I started this blog as a way to document the little things about the lil' dude that wouldn't necessarily make it to my memory 20 years later. I know, I know. Right now, she's on the cusp of four and I haven't forgotten a single thing, but that's not guaranteed.

Like, I want to remember what her favorite toys were when she was little.
And here they are.

When we went to Disney World in February, I cheated.
I locally stocked up on memorabilia before we even boarded the plane.
Yes, she still picked out a hot plenty of souvenirs, but I was able to supplement her joy with the items I had stowed away for her.
Like a tiny little Cinderella doll with a rubber evening gown.
That miniature, sparkly, $4 piece of plastic sparked a whole new revolution in my daughter's world.
She went on to find Sleeping Beauty and Snow White while on vacation, and when we came home, we set about finding the rest.

Belle showed up in her Easter basket.
Rapunzel was a secret gift when I spent 10 days traveling in March.
Ariel was waiting at Grandma G's one weekend.
Mama snuck Tiana into her luggage when she went to Camp Grandma in July.
And, together we found Jasmine at a Wal-Mart 150 miles from home.

Everywhere we go, the princess brigade goes, too. She has a little cloth bag her great-Grandma S. made her to contain her make-believe life. There is Sleeping Beauty's horse, Flynn Rider, about 17 rubber dresses, and 100 teeny, tiny accessories which she has catalogued within her brain.

She calls them her little girls.
Bless her heart.

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