Tuesday, July 12, 2011


As a parent, you often wonder what traits and characteristics your children will inherit from you.

Like, will the lil' dude have a fascination with words?
Will smell be her biggest trigger of memories?
Will she be type-A personality?
Will she speed read?

At this point, it's clear she's becoming a little like her Mama.
I hope she takes that as a compliment.
Just as I do, when people compare my Mama and I.

When she was at Camp Grandma in June, she took this picture of her Grandma G. when they were at the playground.
As my Dad said when he forwarded it to me, the lil' dude took this all by herself! And it's probably the best picture anyone has taken of your Mom!

My Mama famously hates having her picture taken.
But look at that genuine smile for her granddaughter!
The lil' dude, snapping portraits at three.
Yep, a little bit of her Mama indeed!

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