Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Carseat EXPOSÉ

I've been meaning to do a purge of the photos on my phone.
So I purged and noticed a very common theme, too.
It appears the only pictures I manage to snap of my daughter with my phone are those where she is confined.
Please overlook the poor quality of the images.
Instead, enjoy the very many faces of the lil' dude via her carseat.

After cheering the Minnesota Twins to a late, rallying victory on opening day.

In a straight-up coma from Thanksgiving at Grandma G's Sugar Shack.

Complaining about the insulting sun on a particularly sunny spring morning.

Sleeping during snack time. Yeah, can you predict how this ended?
When she startled awake like crazy mad, those Goldfish FLEW all over the car.
It was awesome.

In my favorite carseat shot, here she is in yet another coma from Christmas at Grandma G's Sugar Shack.
Those crashes are the worst!
Trust me.
I've been doing it for 31 years.

Making Mama's heart soar.
Best Fridays ever.

Testing out Mama's new stunnah shades.

Eating an ice cream cone.
Sure, she 's not an ice cream fan.
However, every once in awhile will eat a plain vanilla cone.
But, this photo will always remind me of who she is at this age.
Tattoos, Band-Aids, and sticky happiness.

And double carseat love.
Lil' Tenie and her bestie, B$ ridin' solo in the back of the truck.
Those two.
Will BE trouble in a few more years, trust.
Now they are sweet. Too sweet.
But if you know their Mamas ...

On a snow day.

And a tired kitty cat after a long afternoon of summer fun.

I love these photos.
I love the consistencies.
NaNa, NighNigh, and sleeping.
Just what carseats are made for.

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