Friday, April 15, 2011

There's Always Next Season

Every diehard sports fan hates to hear two things:

It's only a game.
And, there's always next season.

But sometimes, those sentiments say it all.

Wednesday night we attended the Timberwolves' final game of the season as a family. It was fan appreciate night, and we did feel the love. The season didn't go the way anyone hoped, and it actually went the way most people feared. But that didn't keep us from cheering on the boys in blue for one more night.

They saying losing makes a person gracious. We've got an entire team of graciousness delighted it's the off-season.

And we had one three year old happier than heck to be sporting her #42 jersey dress, dancing to the music, eating and spilling popcorn and asking her Daddy if they could have one more shot.

They'll get another shot, just not this season. And when preseason rolls around and the Dad is all, 'we're coming!' from day one, his girls will be at the ready.

Because that is what diehard fans do.

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