Monday, April 4, 2011


I have had many well meaning inquiries on why Little Dude's Mama has been silent for nearly two weeks. I do adore y'all! I went on a girl vacation with my Mama for her 50th in Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC. I then had 12 hours before I left for Las Vegas for a 5 day work trip. It was the longest I had been away from the lil' dude, her Daddy, Beagle, and house. It was hard. But, we survived. My family sent cute picture texts and I said goodnight to the lil' dude nightly.

When I got home at 3am Friday morning, I was creeping down the hall in the dark careful not to disturb my sleepers when I heard the biggest MAMA!!! I ever have and my legs were wrapped tight with toddler love. It was simply amazing. The poor lil' dude woke up an hour previously, dreaming of spiders in her bed, and woke the Dad up for rescue. They were both camped out on her bedroom floor; her bed stripped of everything. I immediately kissed my H., and took his place beside my warm, sleepy daughter. She immediately curled next to me, holding onto my arm or leg for dear life. It was clear I would be settling in for some time right there on the floor.

As she fell asleep, still glued to me, skin to skin, I started to cry. Pure exhaustion, relief, and gratitude poured over me as my tears ran into my temples.

Home, there really is no place like it.

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