Sunday, June 14, 2009

Where There Once Was Chatter, There is Silence

Shhh ...

The lil' dude left tonight for a week of vacation at her grandparents. I won't tell you how when we loaded up their car in our driveway, the lil' dude banged on the car door and cried to leave. I won't tell you that part.

The house is going to feel the loss of the vibrant, blond-haired little lady. It's only now been 27 minutes and I keep pausing over the keyboard to listen for her footsteps upstairs. She's probably talking her grandparents' faces off, or tricking Grandpa into Dairy Queen by now. This summer, more so than last, we'll miss her. She's everywhere and in everything we do.

I didn't whisper to my mom to limit the treats or enforce the bedtime. Those were the two best things about summers at my grandparents', after all. Summer at the lake meant all the Shasta and Little Debbie treats I could eat; summer on the river meant the 10pm news with hot cocoa and microwave popcorn dipped in Cheez Whiz.

But I did whisper to her, don't you dare trim her bangs. I like them that way.

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