Thursday, June 4, 2009

And So Goes the Princess

I cried in the bathroom this morning.

The lil' dude woke up dry this morning, so I plunked her little tushie down on her princess potty chair.
For real, it's a pink and purple throne with gemstones. And it sings.

She's been enthralled with her throne since I positioned it next to her daddy's throne a few weeks ago. She'll sit on it, giggle, ask for milk, and put her rubber ducks into it.

Well, this morning, after a rousing game of, where's lil' dude's nose? Where's lil' dude's eyes? she just went potty. Just like that. Just like a big girl. Just like someone who always has.

And I cried in the bathroom. I never understood those lunatic moms who cried over such ridiculous things until I became a mom. I now know the joy in crying and celebrating all life's ridiculous, beautiful things.

We got our big girl dressed for the day, and she asked for her milk. Milk! I would have given her a Mercedes.


Sara said...

So you do realize you can never have another child right? I think having a "real" child that does not sleep through the night, does not pottytrain HERSELF, lets you take away her paci without fussing and travels without any difficulties would be such a shock to your system that you would not be able to survive it. I wouldn't risk it. Ryan says hi (and he's getting over the shoving stage :)

Little Dude's Mama said...

Oh, I realize. As long as my friends keep multiplyin' I am good. For now ...
I hope Lil' Dude and Ry-Guy can date soon. She wants to wear his class ring around her neck.