Friday, November 7, 2008

Letter from Mama, v11

Happy 11 months old, lil' dude!
This month we celebrate your last month of babyhood. If you want to get specific, you've been out of that stage for awhile now, but it's just the technicality associated with numbers. In 30 days, we will celebrate you turning 1.

You're such an independent little girl now. To see you walk around in slow, purposeful circles, lightly trailing your fingertips along the wall ... amazes me. I see you crouch down low. You peer out the sliding glass door at the raindrops. You put your finger out to stab at a crumb. You hold it in front of your eyes as you examine it. Having you as a daughter has shifted my perspective to that of yours. I feel like I see the world through your eyes now, everything is much bigger, clearer, intentional. As I sit beside you to look at those raindrops, I quietly appreciate them for what they are to you. You love everything and take your time soaking it all in. You make me breathe more, see longer, smile quicker.

November, how much I love November. When Daddy and I first learned of you, we had 250 days to wait. I circled November 27 on our calendar at home, and in my day planner at work. Slowly slowly, those days began to go away, as you grew bigger and bigger. November came, I cried happy tears. Your month. Our month. November went, I cried frustrated tears. Mama could not fathom waiting anymore days for you to come. 250 had been enough, but you weren't ready. So we waited until you were.

Now, November means family and the beginning of the Holidays. I cannot wait for you to experience all the traditions Daddy and I love so much. Again, as I anticipate our memories together this month, I can't help but see things through your eyes. How much you will love homemade pumpkin pie with real whipped cream!, playing Bingo on Thanksgiving with all your cousins. Cheering Daddy on as he cuts down our beautiful Christmas tree. You will put your tiny hands out in front of you, and shrug your shoulders as if to say, what is all this? Do you know I love it? and you will point and grab for our hands to lead us that direction. And we will see it all again, for the first time and it will be better than ever.

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