Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's a Beautiful Day for Voting!

That is what the adorable, ancient little election judges said this morning- tiny little ladies in turtlenecks and gold jewelry.
Lil' dude- you made your voting debut! You were content the whole 36 minutes it took Daddy and I to vote. You watched all the commotion at the tiny fire station that is our precinct. You smiled when you were told you were the tiniest voter ever! You even got a red sticker like Mama and Daddy did.
Today is a big, big, day. We're making history today in so many ways. You know Daddy and I will always support you, and encourage you to make the choices you want to make. Because it matters. You're lucky you will have a say in your future and your government and your life. Please know voting and participating is both a privilege and a right. I was encouraged the same way growing up, in fact, your grandma-great, Mama's grandma, is still the head election judge in her tiny town. Today, she is that lady in a turtleneck and gold jewelry.
So remember, you are a tiny person but you have a big say!

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