Monday, March 24, 2008

Who in Their Write Mind?

If I had to register today for the three things I constantly am in need of for the lil' dude it would be A) Diapers B) Formula, and C) Thank You cards. And, if I could taxi in another item to that list, it would be US Postage Stamps.
I wish I were exaggerating when I say I've written nearly 130 thank-you cards since the lil' dude arrived on the scene. Now, I have always been a fan of a nice, handwritten note expressing my gratitude for anything. From my girlfriends spending a weekend with me, for the neighbor watching the dog, for my husband doing all the laundry in one Sunday and not shrinking any of my new cotton shirts. I like to write. But, the thank-yous for all the baby stuff . . . when will it end? 130 thank you's worth of postage is $53.30 . . . which is 5 cans of formula . . . two giant boxes of Pampers Swaddlers . . . exactly 14 days' worth of latte money at Starbucks . . .
It was fun for the Dad and I to choose a picture and layout and clever saying on the custom thank you's we had made the week after the lil' dude was born. We ordered 60 of them, thinking we'd even have one leftover for her scrapbook. Ha! I think last week I sent a thank you card on my work letterhead because I was desperate and over three weeks behind in getting it out. I even went the 4-year-old route after a baby shower and bought a pack of "template" thank you's that looked like this:
"Dear _______,
Thank you for the _________. I really like it because _____________.
And, I can't wait until ____________.
You're the __________! Thanks! Love, _____________."
But, writing "Dear Friend, thank you for the Pink Stuff. I really like it because It's Pink and Something I Don't Have to Purchase. And, I can't wait until Lil' Dude Can Fill These Out Herself. You're the Sweetest! Thanks! Love, Lil' Dude's Tired Mama" over and over wasn't any better.
We celebrated Easter yesterday, of course. Lil' dude hauled in 5 Easter baskets, plus three other presents. Love love the people in our lives who spoil her because they love her. I really do. But, do I have to sent out thank you's for the Easter gifts? I am out of stamps, thank you cards . . . clever banter for the cards . . . patience . . .
And no, to answer your question, I never asked the Dad to help with the thank you's. It would make things worse, actually.
"Who is Lori and what does that say behind her name? 'Single onesie put into the Crisis Teen Pregnancy Center pile'? How do I thank her for THAT?"

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