Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's That Time of Year

I tried buying plain white tights for the lil' dude today on my lunch break . . . tights? For a small baby girl-type person? Forget it. Forget it! each salesperson told me, while scowling. It is Easter season, ma'am.
And so?
I'm new at this Mama thing, but I assumed tights would be available to me at any number of stores, including my favorite go-to, Target. Not a chance. So, any of you Mamas out there who have to check "Tights for Easter dress" off your to-do list between Good Friday and Easter morning, start searching the Internet right now. Oh, poor lil' dude. You are going to have the cutest green and turquoise dress on . . . with your miniature skull and crossbones leg warmers come Sunday morning. Your great-grandmother is going to love that.

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