Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Radio Personality

Monday night at the dinner table, I asked Kid Rock about her day.
She reveled us in her usual tales, mouth full of food.

Oh and I'm gonna be on the radio and I got free pancakes for doing it.

Well, double score!

The local AM station in our city runs a "Kids Speak" program that includes its morning deejay interviewing select students in first grade all about their summer vacations, what they like about school, and various other topics. The segments run on-air later that week.

Behold, baby's first radio interview!
Paraphrased, obviously.
Age 6 years, 9 months, and 8 days

Deejay: Lil' Dude. Ok. That's a great name! I bet you don't know anyone else with that name!

Lil' Dude: Ha. No!

DJ: Okay, okay, (laughing). Did you do something fun with your summer vacation?

LD: I did. I did go to the Black Hills.

DJ: What did you do after that?

LD: I did go to a Little Red Cabin, and I also went to my Grandpa and Grandma's for the whole entire week.

DJ: Wow! What did you do with Grandpa and Grandma?

LD: I had a few sleepovers with my friends from down there, and I went swimming with my friends.

DJ: Ok. Did Grandpa and Grandma give you a lot of sweets?

LD: No, no! I just only had ice cream.

DJ: Ice cream! What kind of ice cream is the best?

LD: Ice cream sandwiches.

DJ: Oh those are good. Do you like chocolate ice cream?

LD: Silence

DJ: How about ... ice cream with chocolate chips?

LD: Silence

DJ, obviously segueing way off course: What do you think it means to be a good person?

LD: I don't know.

DJ: You don't know? So if your mom says, 'Lil' Dude, be a good person today', what do you think she is trying to tell you?

LD: Be good and be yourself.

DJ: Be yourself? That's a good thing. And nice to other people? Yeah. Have you ever thought what a cool job to have would be? What do you want to be when you grow up?

LD: A teacher. At this school.

DJ: What would you have the most fun teaching?

LD: Math! And reading, too.

DJ: Who do you think is smarter: boys or girls?

LD: Girls. 

DJ: Why are girls smarter, do you think?

LD: Because they like to learn about horses, and lots and lots of girls like to learn about fairies, and ponies, and they like to learn about more stuff than boys.

DJ: Yes, boys are that way, aren't they!

So she already knows being a good person simply means being yourself, and that girls are smarter than boys. My work here is done. Fistpump; parenting.

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