Monday, March 31, 2014


It is finally THE WEEK.

In Mrs. W's Kindergarten class, all 28 of you have a turn being "VIP" for an entire week. You've been looking forward to your week since last fall. All things in due time, babe. This week you'll be the star of the show- you will be eternal line leader, snack time prepper, teacher helper, and overall go-to girl.

You were tasked with making a poster- all about you!

Name: Lil' Dude aka Kid Rock
I am: 4'0 tall, and 53 pounds
I am 6 years old.
My favorite color is baby blue
When I grow up, I want to be a doctor
Things I love: horses, pineapple, & chicken nuggets
Things I don't: bees, bats, spiders, & chicken
(I know- riddle me that)
Three wishes:
I wish: I had a unicorn named Penelope
I wish: I lived in a castle in the Black Hills of South Dakota
I wish: I had a unicorn hot tub with rainbow bubbles

Mrs. W. also asks parents to write a letter to their VIP's to be read in front of the entire class. What a cool concept. I have written you approximately 4,000 letters in your lifetime, but I was thrilled with my assignment.

Dear Lil' Dude;
Happy VIP week! We know you have been so anxious and excited for this week to be here. You are our Very Important Person already ... you completed our family! We love you for your confidence, tender heart, and dauntless spirit. We're proud of you for how hard you work, how kind you are, and how you're always happy just being you. You're the best daughter any parents could possibly have, and we're so lucky you're ours. Have so much fun this week, we can't wait to hear all about your adventures. We love you more than Starbucks & Syracuse basketball! -Daddy & Mama

And the icing on your VIP cake will be the Cold Spring Bakery donuts you requested to bring as your special treat.

That's my girl.

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